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There is no reason to let age be a determining factor in how you look and feel. While there are certain facts about aging that may be unavoidable, there is no reason to give up and miss out on multiple opportunities that life will continue to offer. We can help you find a perfect balance that will enhance your quality of life with our holistic approach to treatment.

At Novus Anti-Aging Center, Inc., we customize a treatment plan for the individual client to achieve a balance with health and quality of life. We use medically-assisted non-surgical weight loss, hormone balancing and anti-aging treatment. Each client will experience different results depending on their specific needs. We can help you achieve long-lasting results for a more comfortable lifestyle.

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Our Team

At Novus Anti-Aging Center, Inc., we specialize in providing clients with a treatment plan that helps them achieve a perfect balance to benefit their quality of life. Our team specializes in using a holistic approach with a client’s health for natural and long-lasting results. While other traditional treatments may turn to constant medication and surgery, we will find a more natural approach that helps clients enhance their quality of life. We may have certain supplements or medication in a treatment, if necessary, but will more than likely recommend other options first. Our team will take the time to truly understand your condition and desires before determining the best option.

Our Services

With the variety of services that we offer, we will help clients enjoy life to the fullest without age being the determining factor. Too often, people let age dictate how they should live, such as staying inside when they feel tired. The reality is that they do not have to hang back and can seek a natural treatment that will make them feel youthful again. Our services include weight loss, cryotherapy, hormone replacement therapy, testosterone replacement, Botox®, Juvederm, hair replacement treatment, B12 treatment, nutritional counseling, anti-aging treatment, hormone balancing and more. We will determine which of these treatment options will be the right choice for you during an initial consultation.

Client Information

The first step to living a better quality life with our treatment is to schedule an initial consultation. Before your first visit, you will need to fill out a “New Client Information Form” that covers your medical history, current health, insurance information, allergies and any other pertinent information. Once we gather this information, we will examine your health during the visit and talk about what you are in need of for this treatment. Once we determine the most effective course of action, we will customize the treatment plan. Since each client is unique, there will be differences between each client’s treatment to help balance various factors in their life.